Hello world!

12 Feb 2015

I’m uploading my blog to github and trying some new features which I hope will enable basic comments support on Jekyll posts (without Disqus).

That’s right! I hope to finish this feature on the next days and this post will help me test it. It’s worth mention that I dedicated more than a couple of days to work on the design of this blog and I have to say I’m happy with the result. The design is based on a template called Strata and I got it working as a Jekyll theme by looking at Scribble theme structure.


I’ve used an image on the index of this very section (writings), which is a bottle in the sea with a message. This blog is the bottle, and you can picture me right now sitting on the beach preparing all kind of messages to drop on the ocean (so to speak). I’m sure this blog will be a good way to bring many thoughts into real work (useful work I hope) and I can’t wait to get things done, but as I heard from someone a while ago “talk is cheap, show me the code”. So, enough words for today.

Until next time, and happy coding!

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